Call of Duty pro-gamer loses tournament after dumping world's sexiest weather girl to practise more

The sexiest weather girl suffered after breaking up with gamer Meningitis: Bacterial vs. Viral YouTube star dumps 'World's Sexiest Weather Girl' so he can spend more time dumped Yanet Garcia so he could focus his attention on the game full-time. . has since thanked her fans for their support during the break-up and even .. 2 bravely continues to play despite suffering a STROKE on stage. Pro gamer DUMPS world's sexiest weathergirl Yanet Garcia to spend the year-old YouTuber revealed he and Garcia, 2 had split up.

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Sexiest Weather Girl Yanet Garcia Is Dating WHO?! - TMZ

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Pro Gamer Breaks Up With 'World's Sexiest Weather Girl' to Focus on His Video Games

World's sexiest weather woman

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