Sophia Bush Says She Quit ‘Chicago PD’ Due to ‘Abusive Behavior,’ ‘Intolerable’ On-Set Conditions

Sophia Bush Reveals She Left Her Job Due To ‘Abusive Behaviour’ Brahim Deby avait un train de vie dispendieux Sophia Bush Says 'Abusive Behavior' Led Her to Quit 'Chicago P.D.' she initially thought she'd landed her "dream job," there were many. Sophia Bush Reveals She Left 'Chicago PD' After 'Barrage Of Abusive she just had to leave due to horrible working conditions and the constant 'abuse' she it and the culture said this is just what it is and get the job done. And one was a consistent onslaught barrage of abusive behavior,” Sophia said.

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Sophia Bush Talks One Tree Hill Finale and What She Stole From the Set

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