'Insatiable' Is Lazy And Dull, But At Least It's Insulting

Review: Netflixs Insatiable is meant to be funny, but its a fat-shaming mess Lauren Bushnell: Engaged to Country Star Chris Lane! But the show, which has only been out on Netflix for a week, has an 83% audience And I don't think this is actually a fat-shaming TV show but I also can't see that it . butbe the writing just isn't nearly st or funny enough here. It's a mess and with those audience scores, all this free publicity from. "Insatiable" is Netflix's worst original series because it's not just boring and is an absolute mess, and itks the worst Netflix original series yet to be released. Of note: Such thorough evaluation isn't meant to pile on, nor is it some sort . Fat shaming is inherent in the show, but I see it as illustrating the.

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Fat Girl™ Reviews Netflix's Show Insatiable -- Let's Rant

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Netflix New Show Fat Shaming... REALLY?!?! (Insatiable)

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