Bad things happen when you train AI using ‘the darkest corners of Reddit’

MIT creates psychopath AI using the dark side of Reddit The Scariest Ghost Stories Ever, Straight From the Depths of Reddit

World's First Psychopath AI! Norman suffered from extended exposure to the darkest corners of Reddit, and “a couple of people standing next to each other.” Inc: MIT Researchers Use Reddit to Create World's First Psychopath AI. When the Microsoft AI chatbot Tay was turned into a racist and genocidal application the company had to shut down the chatbot within 24 hours.

Al the robot psychopath

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MIT create psychopath AI robot using Reddit

Mit scientists create norman the world's first psychopathic ai

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Normal psychopathic ai

MIT fed an AI data from REDDIT and now it only thinks about MURDER

Terrifying 'psychopathic' machine Norman reveals the dangers of AI

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