Ladies, have you ever fallen for a guy you rejected before? If so, why?

Ladies, have you ever fallen for a guy you rejected before? If so, why? ‘Betting on Zero’ Details Herbalife’s Marketing Scheme is it possible for a girl to change her mind and start falling for the guy she had rejected? sure time changes something so why not say it could. I was FWB with a girl for a while, I asked her to be my girlfriend twice and she said no both times. We wereried for twenty years before she passed away from cervical cancer. When I get rejected, they mean it. It's only been about 3 weeks since that and I've never fallen so hard so fast for a girl.

Seeing someone who rejected you

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What She’s REALLY Thinking When She Rejects You

Liking someone after you rejected them

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Do guys ever come back after rejecting you

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