Is Angelina Jolie secretly dating Colin Farrell? Brad Pitt reportedly upset

Is Angelina Jolie and Dumbo Actor Colin Farrell Apparently Dating Each Other? Miguel Chevalier & Pascal Contet / L’Origine du monde / light concert / arts visuels The story was conced simply because the actress brought four of her kids to last month's premiere of Disney's Dumbo remake, in which the actor stars. Jolie and Farrell haven't been secretly dating for two months, and Pitt isn't worried This latest article involving Pitt is another example of that tactic. Angelina Jolie is back again in the media headlines for her love life and this Is Angelina Jolie and Dumbo Actor Colin Farrell Apparently Dating Each Other?.

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Angelina Jolie & Colin Farrell Are Not Together

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DUMBO - NEW TRAILER 2019 - Colin Farrell, Eva Green, Danny DeVito - Official Disney UK

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