Mormon ‘ex-gay’ therapist David Matheson: I am “choosing to pursue life as a gay man”

Former Conversion Therapist Says Hes Choosing To Pursue Life As A Gay Man Report: Neil Young and Daryl Hannah tie the knot

Prominent 'conversion therapist' leaves movement, comes out as gay One of the nation's leading gay conversion therapists has come out as gay, and he's looking for a Matheson added, “I am now choosing to pursue life as a gay man. Matheson said, “I'm not renouncing my past work or my LDS faith. therapist says he will be 'choosing to pursue life as a gay man' David Matheson, a once prominent Mormon conversion therapist from harm that he's inflicted on many people in the LGBTQ community, myself included.".

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Former Ex-Gay leaders apologize and support national ban on LGBTQ conversion therapy

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'Ex-Gay' Leader Apologizes for Horrible 'Gay Conversion Therapy'

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