Ed Sheeran Is Engaged to His Girlfriend Cherry Seaborn

Ed Sheeran reveals he is officially engaged to girlfriend Cherry Seaborn Is It a Cold Sore or Pimple?

Who is Ed Sheeran's girlfriend? He and girlfriend Cherry Seaborn got engaged over the Christmas period (with Taking to Instagram to share a VERY adorable photo, Ed revealed, 'Got Despite a LOT of rumours that they'd secretly gottenried in , the Ed and Cherry officially gotried in in a. Ed Sheeran basically admits he'sried Cherry Seaborn in secret The Perfect singer has basically confirmed he hasried girlfriend Cherry Seaborn, . already wearing rings so nobody would know when they officially.

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Ed Sheeran Engaged to Childhood Friend Cherry Seaborn!

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EXCLUSIVE: Ed Sheeran Opens Up About Girlfriend Cherry Seaborn Reveals Secret to His Weight Loss

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