Does the West have a monopoly on romantic love?

Does the West have a monopoly on romantic love? rss feeds for inspirational quotes

Is romantic love a universal emotion? In the West it often seems we live, die, and even kill for love. (We have "Nothing Higher to Live For"?. Just asriage has seized the monopoly on public affirmations of love, so a notion of romance has restricted what we can imagine as a loving.

Is romantic love universal

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Power Thoughts on Love and Relationships - Louise Hay

A cultural perspective on romantic love

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Cultural differences love

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It is said that every 9 seconds a women is assaulted or beaten. We spoke with Jim Strong, founding director of Urban Social, about this latest infographic which looks at relationships and technology through each generation. When you bring a riff or a piece of music to Davidwhat kind of conversations do you have about parts. Go to the gym at a different time of day or join a new club altogether. They matter who is even easier now. She's been through some bad relationships in the past and I seem to be paying for it. Others said that the stereotype of the romantic Frenchman is actually a myth.


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