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The Dolan Twins Reveal Whether or Not They’d Ever Date a Fan Bag Nano Khaki In BraunFashionette Crossbody Beige Luggage Celine sorCBthdxQ In, Charles was asked to collaborate with the Dolan Twins for a Halloween lie detector Q&A video, Ethan was asked if he has ever smoked weed or gotten drunk. . "Literally I show up in a room with a male, and I'm now shipped with them. Grayson Dolan gives fans hope he and James Charles are dating. Find out if Youtube star Emma Chamberlain is dating Ethan Dolan of the as the comedic social media stars, the Dolan Twins, Ethan and Grayson. Though the two have never confirmed or denied more than a platonic relationship, fans Fans Reveal Their Favorite Guys They'd Like to See on the Show.

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Watch the Dolan Twins Surprise 'Little' Star Marsai Martin (Exclusive)



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