“Mamilla” now Open in LA, Replaces Osher on Pico

“Mamilla” now Open in LA, Replaces Osher on Pico Austin Talent Day: Speed Date & ATX Talent Party
Mamilla has replace Osher W Pico Blvd new restaurant,or & menu. KOSHER RESTAURANTS OPEN FOR Chol Moed PASSOVER IN LA at CEDARS SINAI but now @: St John Saint John's Health Center Kosher food is. Holy Schnitzel on Main Street is now serving the impossible burger! New Kosher Bakery Replacing Delice on La Brea The restaurant opened on West Pico Boulevard near La Cienega Boulevard on Friday. . Reserve Cut, Rimon Bistro, Rimon Cafe , Rimon Cafe Mamilla, Rustiko, Sardina, Savor.

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