Aaron Rodgers and SNL's Colin Jost team up for IZOD commercial

Aaron Rodgers teams up with SNLs Colin Jost for new IZOD commercial PUMP RULES Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright get spinoff reality series

VIDEO: Aaron Rodgers Faces Off With Colin Jost in New IZOD Ad teamed up with SNL star Colin Jost ​in IZOD's fall/holiday collection ad, and it is . Inative CBS commercial splits screen showing State Farm ad starring.

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IZOD Holiday 2018 - Colin Jost Asks IZOD Sweater Too Many Questions

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IZOD “AD CLICHES” (EXPLICIT) with Aaron Rodgers and Colin Jost - Short Combo

IZOD “AD CLICHES” (UNCUT) with Aaron Rodgers and Colin Jost - Full Video

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