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Universals Fifty Shades Freed expected to close out franchise with a box-office win Staying Connected in Greece

Universal's “Fifty Shades Freed” led a trio of new releases at the box office, winning The film is expected to get one more solid box office jolt on Rounding out the top five is “The Greatest Showman” with $ million . But seriously: even though this seemingly unstoppable franchise has . AddThis. Though new release Fifty Shades Freed should win the box office this weekend, its debut is poised to be the lowest of the franchise. became a phenomenon, Universal looked to capitalize on the popularity with movie adaptations. interest in the title, there's little incentive to check this one out in theaters.

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‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Whips Box Office Competition

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Fifty Shades Freed as told by The Dom

Fifty Shades Freed, Lost in Adaptation ~ The Dom

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