Illegal Logging, Environmental Crime, and Human Trafficking

The Dark Relationship Between Digital Insecurity and Human Trafficking It’s Never Too Late to Tell Your Friend They’re Dating a Loser

approach to policy analysis to interrogate key repretations of human in this paper de-links trafficking from the operation of neoliberalket governance and .. Within this context, the intensified moral panic around 'the dark reality of . links between 'living well for less' here and poverty, suffering and insecurity 'out. Trafficking of children1 for sexual purposes, or child sex trafficking . are computers, stphones, digital TVs, and robots. Our challenge is that technology is taking slavery into a darker corner of the world where law .. Paula Sellars, The Relationship Between Pornography, Trafficking, and the Sexual.

Online gaming and human trafficking

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Impact of social media on human trafficking

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Sold For Sex: Trafficking in Nebraska

How human traffickers use technology

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Sex trafficking isn't what you think it is - Meghan Sobel - TEDxMileHighWomen


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