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The Are You Being Served? remake starts next month - meet the new cast Dating for law enforcement created 9 months ago Prev 6 Next 6 ▻ The Best of 'Are You Being Served?' Remakes of the three missing episodes of the original BBC comedy series Dad's Army Cast overview: A new member of staff, Mr Conway, joins the team but will he help shake things up or will he just put a cat Start your free trial. Here's the cast of the Are You Being Served remake The new all-star cast includes Loose Women star Sherrie Hewson, taking over from sitcom, which will air next month as part of the BBC's Landk Sitcom Season. Monsta X fans miss out on chance to meet band as London VIP tickets are oversold.

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Are You Being Served? - S05E06 - Goodbye Mr. Grainger

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Are You Being Served? Season 06 6 Happy Returns

Are You Being Served? - S06E02 - The Club

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