Ladies beware? New app lets guys auto-text their girlfriends

Tech Genius Creates LoveBot App, Which Sends I Love You Texts On a Timer Theyre baaaack! Jersey Shore cast returns to N.J. to film reunion show

Message app to Scheduled text, Autoder, Auto eCards, Group texts, remote This will give you a notification when it is time tod the message, and then you can simply open the app and hitd. 2 days response time for tech support It also offers a simple UI that makes it accessible for people of all ages. Itnot be too soon to say "I love you" after all, so don't worry about it. Tech Genius Creates LoveBot App, Whichds "I Love You" Texts.

Send automatic text messages android

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Send automatic text messages android

Where Do Your Texts Go?

TextMinder - Schedule SMS Text Messages to Remind Others or Yourself (Android App)

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