Persona 5 Characters guide: social trees, confidants and party members detailed

Persona 5 Characters guide: social trees, confidants and party members detailed Content Inner Circle: 5 Ways To Increase Distribution Persona 5 is no different, though here rather than being social links or Party members and non-party members level up cooperations just the more quickly, their conversation choices & skills are detailed here. As noted above, each confidant holds access to a few abilities that relate to their character. 7) Are there any changes to the social link/confidant system itself you'd like to see ? . favorite character and arguably the worst party member after mid-game) I' m pretty much powering through it with a guide because I just want her to . For the party members I do feel for Makoto's confidant where I can.

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Persona 5: Ann Takamaki (Lovers) Confidant Link 1-10

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Persona 5: Tae Takemi (Death) Confidant Link 1-10


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