Eric Roberts Has 57 Movies in Production… Including ‘Human Centipede III’

Oscar Nominee Eric Roberts Joins The Human Centipede 3 Roblox game tries to be scary but it’s REALLY BAD…

The Dark Knight actor Eric Roberts has been cast in Human Centipede 3 (Final star, who was Oscar-nominated for playing an escaped convict in 's They join a cast that already features returning villains Dieter Laser. Eric Roberts & Others Sign Up for Human Centipede 3 Yes, Roberts is an Oscar-nominated actor, but let's face it, the man's career has Tommy “Tiny” Lister and Robert LaSardo and Bree Olson have also joined the cast.

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EVIL EXHUMED starring Eric Roberts Coming this Halloween to DVD and VOD!

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Eric Roberts Interview - Camp Dread - Scare-A-Con 2014

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