NYPD cop found guilty of running drug-trafficking operation out of her Bronx apartment

New York City Officers Charged With Running L.I. Cocaine Ring How To Get Around Albuquerque

6 charged with running heroin, cocaine ring in Queens, Brooklyn, NYPD says The main suspect arrested in the case was identified by police as David Antinuche, 5 law enforcement, criminal justice and legal affairs from its New York City offices. SEC: No enforcement action against LI manufacturer. An NYPD officer was convicted on drug trafficking charges in a federal court with a suspected heroin dealer from Queens in New York.

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How Far Is the N.Y.P.D. Willing to Go to Make a Pot Arrest? - NYT - Visual Investigations

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Raw: NYPD Raids Stores After Drug Overdoses

Cops and Robbers

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