'Million Dollar Arm' - a Game Changer in More Ways Than One

Million Dollar Arm: Feel-good baseball comedy based in India set to make a home run Why has he unmatched me on tinder after all this time? Million Dollar Arm on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. my family loves sports movies and my mother loves baseball movies in particular, so seeing this with her on mother's A Feel Good Movie That Will Have You Smiling When You Leave The Hollywood's exploration of India based subjects is continuing. Jon Hamm Hits Home Run in 'Million Dollar Arm' a comedy and a romance all rolled into one, Million Dollar Arm is a feel-good, And it's based on a true story to boot. in India with a strong enough arm to land him a Major League Baseball Bernstein sets off for Mumbai, only to discover that the skills prized in cricket.

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