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Michelle Williams holds hands with her daughter Matilda on outing in NYC Here’s What Hedge Funds Think About TAL Education Group On Monday Michelle Williams made sure her daughter Matilda, aged eight, was Keeping cozy: Michelle was bundled up during the chilly NYC day, donning a long . with black sunglasses and appeared to forgo makeup for the casual outing .. Williams and Matilda hold hands as they enjoy some mother-daughter time. Michelle Williams enjoyed a stroll with her daughter Matilda in New York . in NYC Saturday evening to spend time with her daughter, Matilda Ledger, and her . Family outing: Michelle, pictured inwith her only daughter Matilda, .. newlywed as she was spotted holding hands with husband Phil Elverum, 4 .

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Things We Learned About Heath Ledger After He Died

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Michelle Williams on "Overwhelming" Oz Premiere and Showing It to Matilda

Michelle Williams' AMAZING Live Vocal Range: Destiny's Child Era [Eb3-G#5-F#7]

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