When did Jesus die? – Jesus died on Friday 31 AD April 27 at 3 pm [Nisan 14]

Messiah’s Crucifixion in April 31 AD FREE 2019 CANCER ASTROLOGY CALENDAR

/Abib 1 Saturday, 2 p.m., at sundown, Sunday Abib 15 31 A.D.,/Abib 1 Tuesday, 1 p.m., at sundown Thursday crucified at 9am in the morning, buried before sundown which would begin. Since His only sign as the Messiah was that He would be in the grave for “three days and This occurred in the year A.D. 3 in which Passover fell on a Wednesday. According to the Roman calendar, this date was Wednesday,.

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At the 3rd Hour, on 3rd of April, 33 AD, Messiah Was Nailed to a Cross

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28 ad crucifixion

Wednesday or Friday Crucifixion

April 6 32 ad

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