NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! 2004 Hofner New President P55 Archtop

Late 2001 HOFNER NEW PRESIDENT VINTAGE Fun for an hour - Sky Zone Hofner New President Archtop w Flamed Maple Back Sides .. By the late s archtops were dead, they streamlined the archtop .. This one reviews the non-vintage model more extensively . Specializing in vintage and rare electric and acoustic guitars and basses. Worldwide PRS Custom 2 vintage yellow (click on image for more . late s Levin Model 4 Orchestra, sunburst (click on .. Höfner President / sunburst (click on . Electro-Harmonix Next Step Talking Pedal, wah/fuzz ( click on.

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Hofner New President Archtop at The Fellowship of Acoustics

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Höfner new President - While we're young - Guitar Solo

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