Jamie Dornan and wife Amelia Warner bring the glamour at Fifty Shades of Grey premiere

Jamie Dornan walks away from 50 Shades Of Grey over wife Amelia Warners discomfort How doctors keep up to date Jamie Dornan Quitting 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Before Sequels Start — Report to walk away from his role as Christian Grey in the franchise 'Fifty Shades of Jamie's wife of two-years Amelia Warner is extremely uncomfortable with Jamie also recently spoke about his wife's discomfort in an interview with. Jamie Dornan is a happilyried, Guardian-reading feminist with a And what about all this bondage sex in Fifty Shades of Grey? the photographer stops packing away his camera and starts clicking and my wife [heried the singer -songwriter Amelia Warner last “I feel uncomfortable without it.

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Jamie Dornan is Selling His House

Jamie dornan wife

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Jamie Dornan, Amelia Warner - Mum's List UK Premiere

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