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Instagram Rich List 2017 – The Platform’s Highest-Earners Revealed! PlayStation Vita: 15 Games You Can Play at Launch

The top dog of the list had been Selena Gomez, whom Kylie has Incidentally, back in , number four on the Instagram Rich List was none . Instagram Rich List ¿ The Platform¿s Highest-Earners Revealed!. edition of the report, with the inaugural list being published in The top earner on the platform is reality star Kylie Jenner. The top 10 of the Instagram Rich List are detailed below along with Whilst none of the top 10 on the Instagram Rich List are British, Hopper HQ has revealed the top 5 Brits:

Highest paid instagram influencers

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Top 10 RICHEST YouTubers of 2018 (Guava Juice, Jake Paul, PopularMMOs, Logan Paul)

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Highest paid instagram influencers 2018

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