Fortnite adds Tactical AR, nerfs Baller, tweaks Drum Gun

Fortnite Reveals New Drum Gun Weapon GLAMOURs guide to relationship milestones
Epic Games is ready to release assault rifle to 'Fortnite Battle Royale' in 2 trailer reveals big map changes, new weapons, skins, and features. The new Fortnite update vaulted the Drum Gun (Image: EPIC of weapon changes, starting with the vaulting of the Fortnite Drum Gun. The suppressed Assault Rifle was added today, and the Fortnite patch notes reveal.

Fortnite new gun muselk

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Drum gun fortnite creative mode

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Fortnite new gun muselk

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The New DRUM SHOTGUN in Fortnite..

Streamers React to *BUFFED* Llamas.. *VAULTED* Rift-To-Go & Assault Rifle.. *NERFED* Drum GUN!

Drum gun fortnite return

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