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Ebony Media CEO Cheryl Mayberry McKissack Keynotes Executive Leadership Summit AMC Stubs A-List Hits 800,000 Members, Becoming No. 1 Subscription Movie Ticketer

1 to keynote a Leadership Summit from 8 a.m.– noon They include: “Turning Passion Into Profit,” Cherylberry McKissack, president and CEO, Nia . ( National Association of Black Journalists) hosts Mo' Chocolate Jam with media mogul Tom Corporate sponsors: NeilDominick's, Carol Williams. Black advertising, media firms waiting to tap black voters for political . The 15th annual MAAX Summit to unveil five new African-American research studies . Launch date and expanded executive team announced by BET for 'Just Keke' .. Cherylberry McKissack named Chief Operating Officer of Johnson Publishing.

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Servant Leadership Summit Highlights - Pat Falotico & Cheryl Bachelder

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2015 Servant Leadership Summit - Cheryl Bachelder & John Stahl-Wert

Cheryl Bachelder and Pat Falotico on Biggest barriers to Serving Well

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