Three Novels From 1896 About 'Baron Trump' Making Eerie Predictions

Did an Author From the 1800s Predict the Trumps, Russia and Americas Downfall? You can dine in the dark at Dark Table Calgary

The Baron Trumpels are two children'sels written in and by the American author and lawyer Ingersoll of a populist candidate in the presidential election who brings on the downfall of the American republic. "Did an author from the s predict the Trumps, Russia and America's downfall?". Did a 19th-century author really predict Trump's election, Russiagate, and the potential collapse of the country? In the late s, an American lawyer, political writer, andelist named Ingersoll Lockwood penned two fantasyels So Little Baron Trump and his dog are guided by Don to Russia.

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19th-Century Books Features a 'Baron Trump', A Man Named Don and Russia


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