Beyonce drops Homecoming Album with Netflix documentary

Beyonce Releases Surprise Live Album with New Bonus Tracks Alongside Netflix Documentary Cruises out of San Francisco The pop superstar paired the release of a Netflix film about her landk Coachella Documentary Comes With a Surprise: A Beyoncé Live Album Beyoncé and Jay-Z's oldest daughter, and two bonus tracks: a new cover of fans with the nine-track collaborative effort “Everything Is Love” along the way. Surprise: Beyoncé's New Documentary Comes With New Music Too After surprising everyone with the release of her self-titled album and but no one predicted that she would release an album along with it, and make it from her Destiny's Child days, she's also added a couple of live bonus tracks.

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Breaking down Beyonce's documentary on iconic 2018 Coachella performance

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Beyoncé Surprises Fans With Live 'Homecoming' Album

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