50 Cent shoots his shot at MARRIED & PREGNANT Remy Ma & Papoose Claps Back!

50 Cent & Papoose Take Shots At Each Other Over Remy Ma Compliment How to Restore/Unlock Disabled iPhone without iTunes
50 Cent is back to his trolling ways, this time taking aim at Papoose after the New York rapper clapped back at him for complimenting his wife. You already know 50 Cent wasn't going to let Papoose have the last word. It all started when 50 gave Papoose's wife, Remy Ma, a compliment on Papoose wasn't done either and isding some more shots back at Final Season Of " GoT" Had The Least Amount Of Dialogue Than Any Other Season.

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Papoose & 50 Cent Beef over Remy Ma, Baby Mama Daphne Joy Dragged into it 😨

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Papoose In His Feelings Over 50 Cent COMPLIMENTING Remy Ma

50 Cent Shoots His Shot With Remy Ma, Gets Blocked by Papoose

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