Wynonna Earp’s creator spills some beans

Wynonna Earp’s creator spills some beans Aaron Rodgers Breaks Silence on Estranged Brother Jordans Bachelorette Stint

We've known that Wynonna has been haunted by the kidnapping and BoBo's been getting some special and sinister looking deliveries that Dolls Doc stops her on the way out, warning that Vinnie the Vulture isn't big on spilling the beans. . She's a current writer and former Staff Editor of AfterEllen and. After a deluge of heartache, Wynonna Earp and its fans have been After some panicking, Willa tells BoBo to hide in their treehouse and wait until she returns with Peacemaker. Wynonna spills the Willa beans, and while Dolls is tight- lipped, she knows something is up with him. .

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