What's the Future of VR? Pioneer Nonny de la Peña Has Some Ideas

Whats the Future of VR? Pioneer Nonny de la Peña Has Some Ideas Weiss schwarz fate zero singles soundtrack
Nonny de la Peña, named “The Godmother of Virtual Reality” by The Guardian and is a pioneer of virtual reality and immersive journalism – a phrase she coined to describe the . “We had no idea what to expect,” says de la Peña. VFX Voice: What excites you about the future of immersive journalism?. Long considered a pioneer of virtual and augmented reality, de la Peña unveils WHEN NONNY de la Peña was inior high, in West Los Angeles, her . THE FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT Nonny de la Peña, CEO and founder . The idea for Reach is many years old, and a lot of what Emblematic has been.

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Creating Virtual Reality: Nonny de la Peña on Dialogue

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VR Journalism: New frontier in storytelling

Nonny de la Peña - The Power of Human Storytelling in Virtual and Augmented Reality - SXSW 2018

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