Wendy Williams Reveals New Dating Details, Has 'Parade of Men'

Wendy Williams Reveals She’s Dating Again: I Am Rediscovering My Love Of Men Department of Food Science and Technology Divorce: I'm rediscovering my love of men, Wendy Williams reveals up on her ongoing divorce from estranged husband Kevin Hunter, saying that she is rediscovering love of men again. I do date and I date pretty often”. Wendy says that she's getting her life back in more ways than one and that I don't have a boyfriend, but I'm rediscovering my love of men .

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Wendy Williams New Young Boyfriend Has A REALLY SHADY PAST! (Full Details)
Wendy Williams is enjoying the SINGLE life, says the parade of men will continue!

Wendy Williams Says "I'm Rediscovering My Love Of Men"


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