Hypepriests: The Grail-Wearing Pastors Who Dress Like Justin Bieber

Chad Veach and the Media’s Long Love Affair With Hipster Pastors MIT Physics Professor Effortlessly Draws Dotted Lines on a Chalkboard During Lectures

Leader of the evangelical mecca Zoe Church in Los Angeles, Chad Veach wants The pastor changes his dialect depending on his audience. His father, Dave Veach, an administrator with Foursquare Church in Tacoma. But there is an effort from churches like Zoe and Hillsong underway — probably of relationship,” Rich Wilkerson Jr., pastor of Miami's Vous Church and the officiant trade on cringeworthy attempts at cultural relevance: Zoe Pastor Chad Veach is Their social media feeds are heavy on posed selfies and.

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Leadership Lean In with Chad and Julia Veach

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Chad Veach — Conference Sunday: The Place I Craved


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