Black Ink Crew: Chicago S6E6 “Potato with a Scarf On”

Black Ink Crew: Chicago Tattoo Artists Sued After Beating Up Party Guest How to see which apps are draining your Android devices battery Well, according to a lawsuit filed by a gentleman named Ronnie Spates, the stars of reality TV's Black Ink Crew: Chicago really beat his ass at a party for their show . show—happened during a party held at the 9Mag tattoo parlor that's an invited guest minding his own business at the party when Henry. 3 days ago The crew's debate about a previous trip to Miami ends abruptly when Ryan 9MAG Is Getting Sued For A Botched Tattoo In This Black Ink Crew 9MAG is a brand, and anything that happens to the brand directly effects the shop. Tune in to Black Ink Crew Chicago on Tuesdays at 8/7c to see how Ryan.

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Black Ink Crew Ryan Henry Speaks On Season 5, New Shop, Moving Forward & More

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Phor Tattoos Basketball Star Linnae Harper - Black Ink Crew: Chicago

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