Top 10 fastest serves in tennis

152mph Roddick records fastest US Open serve 22 Incredible Adobe XD Freebies For UI Designers A small, fluffy, yellow ball projected from the racket strings of Andy Roddick, the US Open champion, was timed at mph - the fastest serve. The video recording of his fastest serve is pretty low quality, so we've USA, Andy Roddick, km/h , 6'2″ , ESP, Feliciano López, km/h , 6'1″ , Aegon Championships . a top speed of mph, which he clocked at the US Open vs.

Speed serve in tennis

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Roddick 141 mph serve to Nadal's face!

Fastest serve of a tennis ball (male)

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Average pro tennis serve speed mph

Andy Roddick Tennis Serve Analysis - How Roddick Hit 155 MPH Serve

My First US Open: Andy Roddick

Fastest serve at wimbledon this year

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