Watch Rihanna and Drake in hot ‘Work’ video, shot in Toronto restaurant

The Restaurant From Rihannas Work Video Is Bringing In Serious Cash Cate Edwards opens up about her father’s affair

Drake and Rihanna were spotted work, work, working outside the Real Jerk for the shoot, said they told her the restaurant was a good fit for the video. major incidents last night and Drake is the news or Drake lifestyle is part of the . These are the top stories our billion dollar money pit is focussing on. Toronto's The Real Jerk restaurant announced on Facebook and Twitter Apparently Drake and Rihanna are shooting part of their "Work" you see the final video atleast theyre spending money here with The Real Jerk for the location shoot. I hope this video brings you mega business! Great food.

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RIHANNA - Work ft. Drake (#WITHOUTMUSIC parody)

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Drake - Take Care ft. Rihanna

Rihanna "Work" ft Drake Offical Music Video 2016 LEAK: ANTI Album, The Real Jerk Toronto

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