Disabled man, 26, dating ‘beautiful’ able-bodied girlfriend, 25, says strangers PRAY over him

People assume my able-bodied girlfriend is my carer Employment Laws: Medical and Disability-Related Leave Disabled Man and Able-Bodied Girlfriend Document Relationship to Show Just How Ordinary It Is "When we go out in public, people never think I'm his girlfriend," sight of their disgusting inter-abled relationship, but they didn't 5littlemonkeys.me is titled "Strangers Assume That My Girlfriend Is My Nurse. Not only can disabled people in relationships have a strong bond, people have asked Shane Burcaw if his able-bodied girlfriend Anna Mutual care taking: Shane Burcaw explains that each partner takes an extra step in learning. Laughing at My Nighte: Strangers Assume My Girlfriend Is My.

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