Two methods for remotely refreshing Windows 8 Group Policy settings

Opening group policy editor on a remote computer and forcing GP Update #HappyINNERCIRCLEDay photos & videos

How to refresh the Group Policy Settings on remote computers- . To remotely GPUpdate, I actually prefer to use the SPECOPs GPUpdate. remote machine with PowerShell and the Group Policy Management Michael Pietroforte is the founder and editor in chief of 4sysops. Invoke-GPUpdate only works if you open your clients for Windows Management Forcing a remote Group Policy refresh through the Group Policy.

Gpupdate /target remote computer

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Windows Server 2008: gpresult, command line gpo reports

Force group policy update from specific domain controller

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Powershell gpupdate local

Using GPUpdate - Group Policy Tools

Gpupdate /target remote computer example

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