Nigeria suicide attack: Triple blasts kill at least 30 in Borno

Nigeria suicide blast kills 30 at video hall in Borno Madonna and Michael Jackson: Why he ended their fling

Nigeria suicide attack: Triple blasts kill at least 30 in Borno outside a hall in Konduga, 25 kilometres from the Borno state capital Maiduguri. A triple suicide bombing by Boko Haram killed 30 people in the of one of two Boko Haram factions, from a video published on, outside a hall in Konduga, 38 km southeast of the Borno state.

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Female suicide bombers kill 12, wound others in Nigeria's Borno state: police

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Suicide attack kills 47, wounds 79 people at Nigerian boys′ school 나이지리아 Potis

Raw: 2 Suicide Bombers Kill 30 in Nigeria

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