Sports world weighs in on Giants drafting Daniel Jones

New York Giants Fan Reaction - Giants draft Daniel Jones? Redskins get Haskins? RAGE!!! Bushwick, Brooklyn neighborhood guide
Odell Beckham and Dwayne Haskins both have something in common after In the middle of Haskins' draft party inyland, the former Ohio State . New York Giants rookie quarterback Daniel Jones watches Eli Manning during . SEE IT: Giants' Evan Engram, Saquon Barkley react to Yankee fans booing Daniel Jones. New York sports fans have never been shy in expressing their But instead of drafting Dwayne Haskins, the Giants chose Daniel Jones of Duke. playing for the Redskins will have him playing close to his immediate family.

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The New York Giants Fan after Dwayne Haskins Goes to the Washington Redskins Reaction Raw Footage

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Giants drafting Daniel Jones is a ‘big mistake’ – Todd McShay - SC with SVP

Giants Fans Live Reaction to Giants Drafting Daniel F'N Jones RAGE!!!!!!!!

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