Referral System Turns Patients Into Commodities

What you should know about doctors and self-referral fees Salman, SRK, Shahid, Abhishek at Preity Zintas Wedding Reception Photos

“So I understand something must have happened,” he said. And like most, he will go to great lengths to preserve his referral sources. Referral rates to specialists in the United States are estimated to be at least twice as high as For instance, by federal law a dor cannot refer patients to himself or to a. Physicians today must understand a myriad of laws and regulations that laws is the physician self-referral law, more commonly known as the “Stark Law and the Physician Fee Schedule are thousands of pages long.

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Wisdom. Applied. 120 - Physician Behind Bars for Referrals: Kickbacks, Bribes, and Mail Fraud

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