Ending Violence Against Women

We Can No Longer Be Silent: How Intimate Partner Violence Affects Women of Color China issues air pollution warnings, 79 cities blanketed in heavy smog

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND CHILD WELFARE SYSTEMS IMPACT WOMEN OF COLOR Advancing Equity for Women and Girls of Color: Updated Report, BLACK WOMEN MORE LIKELY VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE THAN . WE CAN NO LONGER BE SILENT: HOW INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE. Black survivors report distinct barriers to disclosing abuse that can leave many in harms way. Why some Black women feel like they can't disclose domestic violence Domestic violence has been shown to affect the Black community She is the program manager at Women of Color Network and the.

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Domestic Violence: Nicole's Story

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WATCH: A video on the effects of child abuse

SILENCE THE VIOLENCE Town Hall, Washington D.C.

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