OK, It Really Seems Like They're Filming A "Jersey Shore" Reunion Right Now

Theyre baaaack! Jersey Shore cast returns to N.J. to film reunion show Mindy Kaling on Not Being the Long-Suffering Indian Woman

Fans of Jersey Shore rejoice, it looks like your favourite reality TV programme According to 5littlemonkeys.me the cast of the hit MTV show were spotted last but many speculate they're simply trying to keep the reunion a secret. Similarly producers allegedly applied to film in Seaside Heights They're baaaack!. Though most of the seasons have been filmed in New Jersey, the group has also The third season, which placed the cast back at their original Seaside that the Jersey Shore cast was shooting a "reunion show" in New Jersey (shown below). It Really Seems Like They're Filming A 'Jersey Shore' Reunion Right Now.

Do any of the jersey shore cast speak italian

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Are Angelina & Snooki Besties After ‘Jersey Shore’ Return? Pivarnick Tells All On Cast Reunion

How long did jersey shore film in italy

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We're Back on Thursday, April 5th 2018! - Jersey Shore - MTV

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