I Was Wrong. I Am Truly Sorry: US Author Who Called Priyanka Chopra A 'Global Scam Artist'

The Cut Writer Mariah Smith Apologises to Priyanka Chopra for Calling Her Modern-day Scam Artist Turn Unused Gift Cards into Cash with Gift Card Bin!

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra at their wedding reception in Delhi. received an apology from writeriah Smith, who penned an article for The Cut in which she labelled the Indian star as a "modern-day scam artist". iah Smith, the writer who called Indian actress Priyanka Chopra a "scam In Smith's opinion, Priyanka "is a modern-day scam artist". The Cut withdrew the article before Smith issued her public apology on social media.

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Madhu Chopra ANGRY REACTION On Priyanka Nick Marriage SLAMMED By The Cut Magazine

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After Twitter backlash, ‘The Cut’ removes controversial Priyanka Chopra article, issues apology

Writer of ‘The Cut’ apologises for article on Priyanka Chopra

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