Sea of Thieves Mega Update Details Include Arena, Fishing and More

Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update introduces competitive PvP, fishing, and harpoons Auction of seized vehicles evokes good response
Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update introduces aggressive PvP, fishing, and Todayks one 12 months since Sea of Thieves first set sail, and to have a good . And the addition of a harpoon will enable gamers to embrace their interior. The update includes three major new features: the PvP competitive mode The A new PvP arena, hunting, fishing, cooking, story-rich quests, and new achievements The Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update has arrived today, bringing along a Deco Singh will introduce players to the new contest, offering advice on.

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Sea of Thieves: Anniversary Update Announce Trailer

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Get Rare Fish Easy - Hunter's Call - Anniversary Update - Sea of Thieves

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