Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams Met Through Social Media—Because of Course

Sarah Hyland gets flirty with Wells Adams for Halloween Free dating sites live chat
On Saturday, Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams debuted funny Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams' Halloween Costumes Prove This The Modern Family star said Adams slid into her Twitter DMs, and asked her out to get drinks and tacos. The dating rumors began when Hyland and Adams started flirting on. Modern Family's Sarah Hyland and The Bachelorette's Wells Adams have been in a how often they were occurring and the flirty tone set the rumor mill into motion. appeared together for the first time in a Halloween image for Instagram. .. They went as "taco bell", and I'll let you get to the root of that.

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Sarah Hyland Says She & Boyfriend Wells Adams Are 'Same Person With Different Genitalia' (Exclusi…

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