Seiyuu Danshi: 18+ BL/Yaoi Visual Novel / Dating Sim Game

Mommy Hikaru! | Seiyuu Danshi These bats**t crazy Tinder profiles will make you feel better about yourself meyaoigames is raising funds for Seiyuu Danshi: English BL / Yaoi Dating Sim / Visualel on And Tocchan, the mommy megane =X. The release date for Seiyuu Danshi, 18+ BL/Yaoi dating sim is settled! The team mom who nags whenever Haato isn't doing his work.

Seiyuu danshi audition walkthrough

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Give Me Your Milk AP1! - Seiyuu Danshi (27) (Hikaru Route)

Seiyuu danshi audition guide

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Seiyuu danshi audition walkthrough

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Hikaru Smells Good! - Seiyuu Danshi (4)

The Life of a Broke Voice Actor - Seiyuu Danshi Part 3

Seiyuu danshi hikaru walkthrough

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