Kanye West caught visiting Pirate Bay—possibly to download music software

Kanye West caught visiting Pirate Bay—possibly to download music software Full Throttle Racer Costume

deadmau5 calls out Kanye for apparently going the torrent route to download $ music-editing software. Owning 70% of the Kanye West catalog for $50M would be a fucking great investment .. Don't pirate his music because he obviously needs the money. /s .. 99% if the time if you get caught you'll just get a siest and desist . Graphic design, has at some point pirated something, or possibly everything.

Kanye west ye pirate bay

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Kanye West vs Deadmau5: Kanye Caught Downloading Scrum Illegally on Pirate Bay?

Kanye west pirated pro tools

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Kanye west pirated pro tools

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