When to use the Spanish preposition A – Rules, tips & examples

In Spanish how do I know when to use de, del, a and al? BURBERRY Black Leather Large Hobo Bag

De's multiple personalities make using the word correctly a bit tough — unless For example, to say It'sio's car in Spanish, you'd say Es el coche deio. If you want to tell someone that you're from Panama, you'd say Soy de Panamá. Vamos a saltar desde el cielo. (We're going to jump from Sampletences Using De and Desde To Mean 'From'. You can see more about how these prepositions are used in thesetences: Desde aquí se ve todos los.

When to use de in spanish

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How Spanish got its ñ - the story behind that "n with a tilde"

Spanish contractions al and del practice

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Contractions in Spanish DEL and AL

Spanish prepositions

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